Eclectic Decorating

Take an Elizabethan print, pair it with a 1950's wallpaper, add a colorful 1960's pop art mobile, throw in a couple of milky white statues that have an Asian flavor, and round it all off with clear apothecary glass jars. Sounds like a mouthful? Well, visually it works! Eclectic is defined as the "showing or indicating careful judgment or discernment especially in matters of taste; the discriminating eye of the connoisseur". In my opinion, you don't have to be a connoisseur to create a home with heart. I believe that a more down to earth approach which simply incorporates the things you are drawn to will do the trick. The thing about Eclectic style is it allows you the freedom to experiment and take from many different elements to create your own personal decorating stamp. I believe that a home should reflect ones distinct personality. Instead of buying into a preconceived notion of what decorating is or what you think others will respond to, choose items that inspire you. A home space of comfort and approachability will follow. This is what makes a home feel like a home!

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