Get out of your Creative Slump with these DYI Projects!

When I feel a lack of inspiration I often turn to design blogs to get the juices flowing. DYI projects can kick start your creativity and get you thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating. With a little resourcefulness these simple DYI's can add practical beauty to your home. Not to mention that you will be the envy of your friends! This Salvaged Barnwood Headboard is gorgeous! I especially love the finishing touch... Awake My Soul... makes me want to stay in bed forever! Ok... I just had to include another salvaged wood piece. This is so easy on the DYI scale that everyone should have one of these shelves in there pad. A piece of salvaged driftwood with ceramic knobs or hooks (or both!) is a great way to hang your gear, artwork, jewelry... basically just about anything! The Ornithology Clock can be created for under $20. You can pretty much apply any theme you want for this project... how about substituting a lace doily with little tea spoons (from a thrift or antique shop, of course!) as the hands for the clock for a shabby chic look? Next, but not least, the Woven Fabric Bench. I have not found the steps to complete this DYI but you can check out the Woven Chevron Bench to see some more pics on how it is done. Lastly here is another simple DIY project that costs very little money and can be personalized to fit your decor....the Wire Wastebasket Pendant Light. It is really that simple! Happy decorating!


Say NO to antlers... Hello, to Staghorn Ferns!

I have always found myself EERILY attracted to mounted antlers. On the other hand, I have always felt slightly morally conflicted about them. I don't think I would be able to forgive myself if I were to actively seek out a set, but may be tempted by a flea market find! Yesterday, while out perusing the local garden center, I came across what will be the answer to my moral dilemma: a mounted stag-horn fern! They are so much more interesting than any rack of antlers I could come across. And, best of all, I can make it MYSELF! I foresee a project day in the near future. I think I will plan a visit to the nearby "driftwood graveyard", as I lovingly refer to it, although I do love the refined look of the classic mount! I think that they would  look equally stunning going solo, or in a grouping, as seen here. The amazing mounts pictured here were created by California based artists Sean and Stacy Kelley, and aptly named: a call to arms.                                              


Rubber Stamping: Embellish your Hand-made Crafts!

On a recent organizing kick, I came upon a bag of rubber stamps in my daughters art supplies and I said to myself, "Where did these come from?". Within minutes, I was sitting on the floor marveling at the pieces. I was transported back in time when I would wander into the Hello Kitty store (while my parents shopped the "box stores") and fondle all the teeny, cutesy objects that smelled like bubblegum. I had to touch everything; I wanted it all! For me, rubber stamps are a grown up version of Hello Kitty. They come in all sorts of designs and are used in hand-made crafts. Note cards, invitations, gift-wrapping, tea-towels, candle-holders, just about anything... the sky is the limit! The owl hang-tags were created by White Fluff Designs. The Birdcage Stamp Set can be found at Yellow Owl workshop. The "Save the Date" stamp is from The Mayberry Sparrow. Last, but not least, this dainty bird stamp by Norajane. Also, check out the fantastic pillows that Norajane has created... they are super cool! Enjoy!


Forcing Spring... Bulbs, that is!

Mid-winter has arrived and I'm already itching for spring...with the lengthening of the days there is a glimmer of hope, a taste of what's to come. So, why not speed things up a bit and bring some spring indoors? Forcing bulbs is a simple process, and you'll be rewarded with lovely blooms and fragrant scents. The savvygardener and thegardenhelper both have great diy information, as well as recommendations for bulbs to try. As for containers, the sky is (practically) the limit, so go ahead and force spring...bulbs that is!


Felt: Simple, Sustainable Living!

Felt is a non-woven cloth produced by matting, condensing, and pressing woolen fibers. The use of felt has become widely popular with designers who advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle. Check out  some of my favorite arty creations. These colorful felt cushions from Canvas are so appealing! I love how simple and earthy they are. I want to build a whole room around them! This felted lamp shade by MIXKO is a work of art. The butterfly cut-out detailing is to die for! I adore these petite felted beach pebbles hand-made by Delica on Etsy,and felted bowls by hold: modern crochet goods.


It is all about Bohemian!

I absolutely love this Bohemian look. Just look at the way all those vibrant colors pop against the white washed walls and dark wood poster bed. Different textures and prints give this bedroom a modern, ethnic flair. The thing that is the most striking, however, is the simplicity of the space. It is so crisp and inviting! 
Create the look without spending a fortune:
1. Tapestries are an economical way to use fabric. They come in varying sizes, colors, and styles. Use the fabric as a bed covering, sew up some contrasting pillows, and cut some lengths for curtains. Experiment with the colors and designs as you choose.
2. Look for decor that has a world feel to it... think India.  Pier One Imports (Homeport, if you live in Burlington!) is a great place to find decor with an ethnic flare. But, if you are like me, head to your local donation center & shop second hand stores. You will be amazed at the items you can find!


dug Nap: Art that is quirky and to the point!

I recently purchased this dug Nap print for my hubbie. This was my not-so subtle, humorous way of reminding him to "put down the toilet seat" after using the bathroom. He laughed, then countered by saying, "Leave up the toilet seat". Well, touche'!
I know that I am not the only one battling with this phenomenon, but I bet that if positioned correctly (and beautifully framed in a honey toned wood), this print will subliminally train him to do as I  please!
The artist, dug Nap, has some fantastic art that comes right out of my hometown in Vermont. His folk art style is often characterized as "outsider art". His honesty and dark, fun sense of humor makes for a great gift.

Check out his artwork at :


The talk of the town! DOMINO has been cut!

As all of you design-minded folk now know (and if you haven't heard, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news), domino has recently announced that it will no longer be publishing their magazine.The first issue premiered 4 years ago and I bought it right off the magazine stand. It became an instant favorite, pushing Elle Decor out of the #1 slot ( recently I renewed my subscription and I love Elle Decor, but it is a different kind of love!). I immediately sent my subscription in without a moments hesitation. As a decorator, I attribute much of my growth to domino. Not because it taught me anything per se about decorating, but because it showed me that eclectic decorating has a niche. My own personal style, which is very unique, reflects the homes showcased in domino. One striking difference, though, is that I decorate at a fraction of the cost! Over the years I have accumulated what I would call "beautiful junk". I am a huge fan of finding a bargain, sifting through piles of discarded items, and repurposing whatever I could find to bring new life to my space. With a creative eye and a love of aesthetics, you can pull it all together, even when you are working on a budget. In short, decorating is truly an art and the process is inspiring , regardless of how much money you spend. Kudos to domino! The magazine delivered us rooms with great style coupled with personality. Wonderful recipes that are a cinch to pull off and taste fabulous. Articles galore! I am so sad to see it go. I know it sounds silly, but it has been a true friend to me. Even though this site is predominately for my business, 2 P's in your Pad, I like the idea of treating it like a magazine and look forward to making it such. On that note, I will sign off with....Dream. Create. Share. Inspire.


Mix & Match Glassware

When it comes to your glassware set, there's no need to have matching sets... mixing and matching is Fun! It makes life a lot easier... You'll no longer anguish over that dropped wine glass, smashed tumbler, or the shattered water goblet. No more is the need for chintzy wine charms... each of your guests will get to choose a glass of their liking, and be able to identify it easily. The next time you're in the market for glassware try shopping the "onesies” or clearance rack, you will be able to come up with a distinctive collection all of your own. And, the next time you drop one you won't even bat an eye! You'll actually look forward to adding to or completing your set! When seeking your collection, keep your eyes peeled for various shapes and sizes. Take a mental note of what you already have and what may be lacking, keeping in mind the types of drinks you like, as well as those you typically serve. Keep it simple and seek out solely clear glass or search with a theme in mind. My friend Maura recently completed her current collection and decided that she would add to it with a search for oddball wedding glasses. They’ll make for an interesting and quirky collection.


Eclectic Decorating

Take an Elizabethan print, pair it with a 1950's wallpaper, add a colorful 1960's pop art mobile, throw in a couple of milky white statues that have an Asian flavor, and round it all off with clear apothecary glass jars. Sounds like a mouthful? Well, visually it works! Eclectic is defined as the "showing or indicating careful judgment or discernment especially in matters of taste; the discriminating eye of the connoisseur". In my opinion, you don't have to be a connoisseur to create a home with heart. I believe that a more down to earth approach which simply incorporates the things you are drawn to will do the trick. The thing about Eclectic style is it allows you the freedom to experiment and take from many different elements to create your own personal decorating stamp. I believe that a home should reflect ones distinct personality. Instead of buying into a preconceived notion of what decorating is or what you think others will respond to, choose items that inspire you. A home space of comfort and approachability will follow. This is what makes a home feel like a home!