The talk of the town! DOMINO has been cut!

As all of you design-minded folk now know (and if you haven't heard, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news), domino has recently announced that it will no longer be publishing their magazine.The first issue premiered 4 years ago and I bought it right off the magazine stand. It became an instant favorite, pushing Elle Decor out of the #1 slot ( recently I renewed my subscription and I love Elle Decor, but it is a different kind of love!). I immediately sent my subscription in without a moments hesitation. As a decorator, I attribute much of my growth to domino. Not because it taught me anything per se about decorating, but because it showed me that eclectic decorating has a niche. My own personal style, which is very unique, reflects the homes showcased in domino. One striking difference, though, is that I decorate at a fraction of the cost! Over the years I have accumulated what I would call "beautiful junk". I am a huge fan of finding a bargain, sifting through piles of discarded items, and repurposing whatever I could find to bring new life to my space. With a creative eye and a love of aesthetics, you can pull it all together, even when you are working on a budget. In short, decorating is truly an art and the process is inspiring , regardless of how much money you spend. Kudos to domino! The magazine delivered us rooms with great style coupled with personality. Wonderful recipes that are a cinch to pull off and taste fabulous. Articles galore! I am so sad to see it go. I know it sounds silly, but it has been a true friend to me. Even though this site is predominately for my business, 2 P's in your Pad, I like the idea of treating it like a magazine and look forward to making it such. On that note, I will sign off with....Dream. Create. Share. Inspire.

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