Rubber Stamping: Embellish your Hand-made Crafts!

On a recent organizing kick, I came upon a bag of rubber stamps in my daughters art supplies and I said to myself, "Where did these come from?". Within minutes, I was sitting on the floor marveling at the pieces. I was transported back in time when I would wander into the Hello Kitty store (while my parents shopped the "box stores") and fondle all the teeny, cutesy objects that smelled like bubblegum. I had to touch everything; I wanted it all! For me, rubber stamps are a grown up version of Hello Kitty. They come in all sorts of designs and are used in hand-made crafts. Note cards, invitations, gift-wrapping, tea-towels, candle-holders, just about anything... the sky is the limit! The owl hang-tags were created by White Fluff Designs. The Birdcage Stamp Set can be found at Yellow Owl workshop. The "Save the Date" stamp is from The Mayberry Sparrow. Last, but not least, this dainty bird stamp by Norajane. Also, check out the fantastic pillows that Norajane has created... they are super cool! Enjoy!

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