Say NO to antlers... Hello, to Staghorn Ferns!

I have always found myself EERILY attracted to mounted antlers. On the other hand, I have always felt slightly morally conflicted about them. I don't think I would be able to forgive myself if I were to actively seek out a set, but may be tempted by a flea market find! Yesterday, while out perusing the local garden center, I came across what will be the answer to my moral dilemma: a mounted stag-horn fern! They are so much more interesting than any rack of antlers I could come across. And, best of all, I can make it MYSELF! I foresee a project day in the near future. I think I will plan a visit to the nearby "driftwood graveyard", as I lovingly refer to it, although I do love the refined look of the classic mount! I think that they would  look equally stunning going solo, or in a grouping, as seen here. The amazing mounts pictured here were created by California based artists Sean and Stacy Kelley, and aptly named: a call to arms.                                              

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